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The kitchen is an important element in our home and if you love cooking you really want it to be special and functional. We all want our kitchens to be functional and modular, full of storage opportunities but at the same time good looking and clutter free. Your kitchen can be a focal point of your living space and you can use it for efficient cooking and entertaining purposes if it is well designed. The kitchen cabinets play an important role in designing a hassle free modern kitchen for every household, so if you are looking for remodelling your kitchen in San Diego, go for Edison home improvement as your kitchen contractors.

Why Choose Edison Home Improvement as Your San Diego Kitchen Cabinet Contractors?

Edison home improvement provides you expert installation of your kitchen cabinets, so that your remodeling project is hassle free and gets completed in time. Unlike other kitchen cabinets that have to be assembled and fitted on site our kitchen cabinets are ready for installation and fit in snap.

We provide the best quality products in the market at a very affordable price and ensure that your kitchen remodeling project stays in budget. Our products are certified and highly durable and require low maintenance.

So if you are looking for affordable, sophisticated kitchen cabinets San Diego just give us a call and we will provide you one stop solution to all your kitchen remodeling in San Diego.

What to Look for In Your Custom Kitchen Cabinet Contractors?

Your kitchen cabinets San Diego contractors need to be experts in the field and should have years of experience to guide you through. They should understand the latest trends in the interior space and suggest designs suitable to your space. They should be able to get custom made pieces for your kitchen space and provide you unique solutions on the go. Your contractors should speak your language and collaborate with you to create a beautiful cooking space.

The San Diego home remodeling contractors should provide you storage ideas, space saving ideas and deliver the project on time. The contractors should be skilled to work with various materials available in the market and should be able to bargain on your behalf to get you best deals. The contractors should be trustworthy and provide friendly customer centric service.

Go for kitchen cabinet contractors that will provide you highly durable kitchen solutions that make all your problems go away so that you do not face any warranty issues in the future and are happy with their service.

What to Consider When Getting New Kitchen Cabinets?

Here are some of the factors that you need to consider while getting your new kitchen cabinets-

Storage space: We all want our kitchens to have a lot of storage space for our daily ingredients, our kitchen appliances and also for pantry. You want to make sure you have enough storage for all kinds of staples and spices and at the same time enough countertop space for your actual cooking and cutting chores. Make sure to get extra storage for the pantry and hide away your appliances in seamless doors so that they do not spoil the look of your kitchen.

Layout: You need to decide whether you want an open kitchen or a traditional one, what shape countertops you are looking for and whether you want a kitchen island, If yes how big should it be. It can be tricky to accommodate breakfast tables, pantry, kitchen island and cabinets in small spaces so consult our contractors to finalize a layout that optimizes your space. We will help you to open up your kitchen space, create different zones for all your cooking activities and make your space look bigger. If you are looking for an open plan to flood in the natural light so that your kitchen looks brighter and elegant we will help you with it.

We Use High Quality Cabinets

It is always difficult to choose on the San Diego kitchen countertop materials, the trolley materials out of the wide range of products available in the market. You need to go for durable materials of high quality that fit within your budget and go well with your kitchen design. Our contractors will always help you to get the best prices and suggest color themes and materials that are popular and trending, so that you get the much needed revamp.

You want your kitchen cabinets to be made up of high quality durable materials so that they last longer and need minimum retouch. You want them to be strong enough to take all load from your heavy pantry and be made up of finishes that require minimum maintenance. The countertop needs to look great but at the same time should be easy to clean and require low maintenance.

You also need to select materials that are fireproof and safe for kitchen use. The San Diego bathroom remodeling kitchen tends to get stained and is filled with busy activities so go for materials that do not come in between them but rather support them.

Our Process

Our process begins with in house consultation where our professionals meet up the homeowners and discuss their requirements. Once you give us a call we set up an appointment with you to proceed with consultation. Our professionals are good listeners. They will get to know you, your family and understand your needs. They will be empathetic towards you and deliver on key points that cannot be missed. They will make sure that the entire project stays within your intended budget and is delivered in time. Our contractors will always be open to your ideas and suggestions throughout the project and try to inculcate your personality in your kitchen so that it goes well with the rest of your space.

Design Consultation

Once our professionals measure your space and understand your requirements we are ready to go ahead with custom made designs. In this stage we discuss the type of cabinets, the amount of storage required and the layout. Our professionals will help you out to figure the latest trends and styles in the interior world that are best suited for your space.

They will help you to select the best in class materials for cabinets and the marbles and stones for countertops and backsplash. They will suggest clever design ideas for extra storage space for your everyday ingredients and pantry. They will come up with flexible modular cabinets curated for your space and inculcate your vision. Our professionals will help you to maximize customization in your kitchen so that all your needs are taken care of and the look and feel is not store bought. Our professionals will help you in experimenting with bright and bold designs so that you get a freshly minted modern kitchen that lasts for years.


Once the design and size of kitchen cabinets is finalized our professionals will provide you an estimate including all the material and service cost. If you are going to avail the demolishing service for taking down your old cabinets that will include extra charges.

We Get Started

For remodelling projects our contractors help you out with clearing out your old cabinetry and prep up your space for your new cabinets. Our contractors help you with demolishing your old space, getting rid of unwanted materials and you need not worry about any of it.

Our installation experts will take care of all your installation, they understand all kinds of installations and will help you in assembling and fixing. All of our cabinets are ready for installation and all furnishings are completed at the shop so that there is no mess at your place and only fitting needs to be done. This avoids the clutter and noise in your space and makes the service smooth and hassle free.

So give us a call right away to fix an appointment and get going with your dream kitchen project, our contractors will always live up to your expectations, that’s our guarantee.

Buy the Best Products for Your Project

How long does it take?

-Timeline for each project varies depending upon its size and scale but in general it takes about 6 to 8 weeks for completion. The initial half is consumed in delivery of kitchen cabinets and other components for builders with the right specifications. You can expect your countertops to be delivered in the second half.

What is the best products and components?

-The definition of the best kitchen cabinet brand may vary from value for money to best in luxury as each one is looking for different things. But here at Edison home improvements our customers love CNC cabinets, Fabuwood cabinetry and forevermark cabinets the most.

How much are stock cabinets?

-The stock cabinets are one of the cheapest alternatives for kitchen cabinets and cost anywhere from $60 to $200 per linear square foot, semi custom made stock cabinets can cost $100 to $650 per linear foot while custom made cost from $500 to upto $1200 per linear square foot.

How much does it cost to put new cabinets in a kitchen?

-The cost varies depending upon the amount of customization involved and the size of the kitchen. But in general it can cost $3,200 to $8,500 to replace your kitchen cabinets of average quality in a standard size kitchen.

How much does it cost to remodel a 10×10 kitchen?

-For a standard 10*10 kitchen remodelling you can expect an expenditure of about $15000 to $30000.

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