Post: Small Kitchen Ideas- 10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Small Space

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Small Kitchen Ideas- 10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Small Space

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Is your kitchen short on space? If it is, you are not alone. Even though the kitchen is the engine of most homes, it’s not always the most spacious room. Like every homeowner, you are probably frustrated by the lack of space in your kitchen. If you don’t have the money to renovate your kitchen, you will have to make do with small kitchen ideas. You only need to figure out how your family uses the kitchen daily and find ways to make the most of each inch.

Our kitchen remodeling experts at Edison Home Improvement have compiled ten innovative ways to make the most of every single inch in your small kitchen.

Paint the Ceilings

One innovative way to add color to your kitchen and create the illusion of a taller kitchen is by painting the ceilings. Your kitchen appears bland without color. When choosing a color for your ceiling, think about how much light your kitchen gets. Also, choose a shade that blends seamlessly with other accents in your kitchen.

For small kitchen designs, painting the ceiling blue can create the illusion of bright skies. When it comes to the finish, a flat finish is perfect if you want to hide the imperfections on your ceiling. On the other hand, a glossy finish will reflect light.

Think About the Functionality of Your Kitchen

Even though you want to make your kitchen look as beautiful as possible, paying attention to functionality is still essential. Your small kitchen must work twice as hard to handle your everyday needs. With that in mind, consider how your household uses one of the most dynamic rooms in your house.

The goal is to utilize every single inch of your kitchen. You can embrace smart kitchen storage ideas to maximize counter space and store cookware.

The Small Details Matter

The small details are integral to the appearance and functionality of your cooking space. For instance, decorative handles can add a touch of luxury to your small area. You can add a statement backsplash to add style to your little kitchen. Don’t forget good lighting.

Rethink Your Kitchen Furniture

No matter the size and design of your kitchen, the dining table is the heart and focal point of every kitchen. Whether you use it for work, eating, or entertainment, the dining table stands out even in cramped spaces. That’s why you should rethink your kitchen furniture to fit the small confines of your cooking space. To maximize the floor plan, replace your kitchen décor with a narrow and small dining table, chair, and stools. You can also opt for round tables to squeeze in more people.

A simple kitchen with many storage

Opt for Reflective Surfaces

A reflective surface can be a game changer in a cramped cooking space. They can help distribute light around your kitchen, making it seem bigger. So, start by hanging a statement mirror to reflect light on your wall space. Also, replace your cabinet doors with glossy hand-painted options to add more life to your kitchen. You can also add shiny worktops to your kitchen to enhance reflection. Adding a backsplash with a reflective or metallic finish will also help.

Maximize Counter Space

No matter how large your kitchen is, clutter will make it appear and feel smaller than it really is. You should maximize counter space by embracing smart storage solutions, such as carousel corner cupboards and pull-out larders. You can use the extra space to store your cookware, small appliances, and ingredients.

You can also opt for integrated appliances to save space and add a touch of luxury to your cooking space. Also, install hot taps to do away with traditional kettles.

Go Bold

Going bold with a patterned island or surface is all you need to distract your guests. It will act as the focal point of your kitchen, distracting your guests from noticing how small your kitchen is.

Take Advantage of Your Tall Ceiling

If your kitchen has a tall ceiling, you can use it to save space and make your kitchen appear larger. Just stack two runs of shorter, medium-height cabinets on each other. Don’t forget to leave a gap between the cabinets to enhance the effect.

Add a Mini Peninsula

If you have a small gallery kitchen, you can add a Mini peninsula to add more flexibility and storage space to your kitchen.

Reconsider Your Flooring

Flooring is an essential aspect of each kitchen, regardless of its size. Using the right flooring can make your small kitchen appear more prominent. In contrast, installing the wrong flooring can enclose your kitchen area. The best size for smaller and larger cooking areas is a 900 by 600 tile.

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