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Most Popular Bathroom Designs This Year

Most Popular Bathroom Designs in San Diego scaled

Having decorated bathrooms are in trend now. For most people, the bathroom is not just a place where you can take bath, but it is more like a personal sanctuary now. It is like a personal spa where you can get away the whole day stress and become calm. So, when you are planning to renovate the bathroom, you are working to create a place where you can put off all your stress and worries. Thus, it becomes crucial to gather all the necessary components to achieve the goal and at the same to should meet the practical needs of bathing.

Popular Bathroom Designs This Year

1. Indigo Blue:

Resonates of the sea with the shades of blue, yes we are talking about the trendiest Indigo blue design for a perfect bathroom. Indigo blue is an impeccable choice to make a splash to give a perfect look to bathrooms. With the presence of vibrant turquoise and texture, your bathroom will exhibit a sophisticated look.

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indigo blue bathroom remodeling style


2. Bold Accents:

Just be bold! You can give a unique look to your bathroom by adding a splash of bright color. Yes, the trend of colored baths and basins is in now. However, at the same time, the shadiness of the 1970s adding a great sense of drama and luxury.

3. Sunken Bathrooms:

To give an indulgent experience to your guests, go for sunken bathroom design. By installing sunken styling material, you can enjoy spa-style coddling in your bathroom. Give the most exquisite look to your bathroom tub by adding a slipper-shaped tub and make it the center of an eye by sitting it in the middle of your room.

4. Narrow-fit Furniture:

Give your bathroom an ultra-modern, high-gloss look by installing narrow-fit furniture. It will give a very cozy, and spacious look. With the addition of wall-hung units, you can achieve an even more enticing look. The reason is; the floor would be more visible, eye-catchy and the room would be more spacious, bigger, and brighter.

5. Metallic Glamour:

Are you want to give a royal look to your bathroom? Then definitely the trend emerging for modern metallic finishing is worth installing. You can use metallic taps, copper tiles with bright golden shades and much more.

Gold is in its rebirth process; however, it is necessary to give it the right tone. You need to go for rose shades rather than orangey tones. With the addition of copper mosaics behind a basin or bath gives a feel of glamour without turning into nastiness.

6. Matt Finishes

If you want to go for the most sophisticated look for your large bathroom, then matt finishing is what you need. However, less likely to show up finger-marks’, it is primarily for family bathrooms. You need to go for most muted tones such as grey-blue.

Once you have the muted tones contracts, you will find it a perfect mixture of natural materials such as wood and stone.

So, these are the trendiest bathroom designs in San Diego. If you want bathroom installation, then the professionals of Edison Home Improvements are here.

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