Post: Large Bathroom Ideas: Designing a Big Bathroom

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Large Bathroom Ideas: Designing a Big Bathroom

A large bathroom painted in white with bathtub and large windows

Large bathrooms can feel cold and empty without thoughtful décor and good planning. Fortunately, there are several tried and tested methods for decorating a large bathroom.

Whether you are looking for creative family bathroom ideas or planning to create a spa bathroom to unwind and relax, we showcase ten clever large bathroom ideas in this guide.

✅Maximize Space With Double Basins

Double basins are both practical and indulgent. Whether you want to create a glamorous family bathroom for those busy mornings or a luxury bathroom for two, installing double basins creates space for all. Besides being practical, double basins also create focal points in your large bathroom. They also add a unique symmetry to your bathroom’s design scheme. The good thing about large bathrooms is that you can choose where to position your double basins.

A white painted bathroom with double basin, shower room and tub

✅Create a Focal Point in Your Large Bathroom

Creating a practical layout for your large bathroom is no easy task. That’s why you should consider making a focal point in your bathroom. A large freestanding bath is enough to draw visual attention to your bathroom. However, you still have to place it centrally to highlight its sculptural shape and splendid design. In addition, a large freestanding bath adds comfort and functionality. Besides, freestanding baths come in different shapes, sizes, and styles.

✅Focus on Tone

Large bathrooms without the right tones often feel impersonal. That’s why you still need to pick a color tone that blends in seamlessly with your large bathroom. Dark colors are your best bet if you want to add a sense of intimacy. On the other hand, bright colors are ideal for families. Also, ensure that the whole bathroom is illuminated to add functionality and highlight your focal point. You can also add feature lighting such as a pendant, wall light, or chandelier to make a statement in your bathroom.

✅Install a Double Walk-In Shower

Although space is never an issue with large bathrooms, installing twin showers can add a luxury look and enhance functionality in your bathroom. For couples, double walk-in showers provide an excellent opportunity for intimacy. Families, on the other hand, can save time with twin showers. You can pile your kids in at once to save time on those busy mornings.

✅Pick the Right Flooring Material

Flooring does more than make your bathroom look great. Bathroom flooring also adds functionality and safety to your large space. When considering flooring materials for your bathroom, it’s best to look at the appearance, cost, durability, and damp resistance. We highly recommend waterproof flooring to prevent water damage and slip and fall hazards. You can also install two flooring materials on different zones to add flair and textural contrast to enhance personality and warmth in your large bathroom.

✅Make Storage Beautiful

Storage is not an issue with large bathrooms. So, you might be tempted to add storage without considering design and appearance. Adding clever storage to your large bathrooms boosts the appearance and adds personality. So, consider adding impressive bathroom vanities to make a statement in your ample space. Alternatively, add open display storage solutions to add another dimension within your large space.

Modular bathroom shelving ideas are also an excellent way to add flexibility, luxury, and personality to your large bathroom. Also, consider adding recessed shelves to free up space and display your luxe bath wares.

✅Create a Unique Look

Unlike small bathrooms, large ones allow you to do things differently. For instance, you can replace your traditional rectangular tub with a circular design. This design can become the focal point of your large space. Remember to place it in the center to display its elegance and uniqueness.

A large bathroom with bathtub and window at the center

✅Install Mirrors

No bathroom is complete without mirrors. So, consider placing mirrors beside your double basins and vanity set. You should also have a full-length mirror to check out your entire look. Mirrors will increase natural light and enhance your bathroom design. You also need them to check out your appearance or apply makeup. In addition, you can use mirrors to hide storage space.

✅Divide Your Bathroom into a Dry Zone and Wet Zone

It’s best to divide your bathroom into dry and wet zones. Creating zones in your bathroom is a great way to create plenty of space to ensure everything is done before time runs out. It also adds a sense of privacy. Consider using contrasting flooring materials and different levels to define the zones. You can also add a sitting area to relax before taking a shower or while you wait for your significant other to finish preparing.

✅Bring Some Green into Your Bathroom

Adding flowers and plants to your large bathroom can boost mood and add warmth. Plants can also enhance your productivity and creativity. They can also clean indoor air by absorbing toxins and releasing oxygen. When choosing flowers and plants for your bathroom, go for plants that do well in humid conditions. Better yet, consider using artificial plants.

Wrapping Up

There you go, the top 10 large bathroom ideas for better function, style, and appearance. If you have more questions, please get in touch with Edison Home Improvement to speak with our top-rated bathroom remodeling contractors in San Diego.

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