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Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas

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The backsplash is a stretch of material that typically occupies an area of walls between cabinets and a countertop. The kitchen backsplash protects the wall from the inadvertent splashes coming from the kitchen sink, and it saves the wall from seepage of water and makes the surface of the wall water repellent. Any normal cleaning material is used to clean the water repellent layer using a sponge.


Backsplash Ideas and kitchen

There has always been a desire for every person to have an elegant home, and this purpose cannot be achieved without paying attention to the kitchen.

Edison Home Improvement can help by providing you with choices to get your desired look. Sometimes, the backsplash might be several inches or it can be applied to a larger length. Backsplash makes either a border look of the kitchen frame or can make itself a full pledge canvas of different colors and designs exhibiting an overall thematic picture.

Kitchen Marble Backsplash
Marble Stone Backsplash

Kitchen designing:

Choosing a layout, appliances, and color scheme are some of the main components of kitchen designing, but there can be a lot more than this within the kitchen. That’s where we consider the backsplash, it can cover an entire wall between cabinets, or it can be at the back of the cooking range.

Edison Home Improvement experts specialize in kitchen design, from a cozy & modern style to an old vintage-looking kitchen. Adding a stylish backsplash will make a huge difference in your kitchen design. There are several types of backsplash, here is a list of a few of them:


Ceramic Tiles:

It is the commonly used option for covering the wall against staining splashes. These tiles come in different shapes and sizes. From handmade inlaid ceramic tiles to simple economical designs. Ceramic tiles are versatile, easy to replace, and clean.

Kitchen Faucet
Tile Backsplash

Glass Tiles:

Glass tiles can also be used for back splashing. In addition to providing safety to the walls, glass tiles offer different levels of reflectivity which helps the kitchen look brighter. Glass tiles have zero water absorption and will not stain, making them resistant to mold and bacteria. Relatively easy to clean they don’t require any special cleaner. 

Stone tiles

Stonewall tiles give an elegant look, they are highly durable and easy to maintain. Stone tiles have a big diversity of shades and textures, from grey or black to light cream, white to dark brown. Natural stone tiles give your home kitchen warmth and comfort. A few other reasons customers prefer stone wall tiles are because of their high durability, stain, and chemical resistance. 

Kitchen Stone Backsplash
Stone backsplash

Stonewall tiles tend to be luxurious, elegant, and have some of the best stylish designs. Edison Home Improvement offers an array of options when it comes to remodeling your home or kitchen area. We handle multiple material options like slate, marble, limestone, granite among others.


These are the most commonly used materials for backsplash, but there are other materials available such as stainless steel, thermoplastic, wood peel, stick tiles, etc., which can be used for this purpose. Contact us today, our expert team at Edison Home Improvement will answer any questions you may have!


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