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How to Clean Quartz Countertops

How To Clean Quartz Countertops

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops can be found in almost every home here in the county due to their low maintenance requirements, versatility, and outstanding durability. Engineered quartz countertops are manufactured by combining 90% quartz and 10% resins, pigments, and polymers. Whether you have already installed these versatile and durable countertops in your kitchen or want to install them soon, you have to learn how to clean the countertops to enhance appeal and longevity.

This is your ultimate quartz countertops care guide.

Cleaning Spills

Although quartz countertops are resistant to staining, allowing tea, lemon juice, soda, vinegar, vegetables, fruits, or any other stains to sit for too long may stain the surface. As such, it is essential to wipe any spill immediately.

If the spills have already dried, it is best to use a surface cleaner and a non-abrasive cloth or sponge to deal with the heavy stain. You can also use a plastic party knife to scrape off the stain if it does not disappear. However, the best way of dealing with spills is to ensure that they don’t happen at all.

Use a Suitable Cleaner

Even though quartz countertops are prized for their durability, using an inappropriate cleaner can reduce the longevity of your countertops. Always avoid alkaline and acidic cleaners since they will break the strong bond between quartz and resin, damaging your luxurious countertops.

As such, look out for cleaners with vinegar, lemon, and lime. Instead of using such cleaners, it is best to use anti-bacterial soaps, dish soaps, and hand washes to clean your countertops. Remember to use plenty of water to wash off the soap from the surface.

Wipe Your Countertops With the Right Brushing Pads

Homeowner across the country are replacing their old countertops with durable quartz countertops. However, cleaning your quartz countertops with abrasive brushing pads can reduce their longevity. These pads leave minor scratches that will take away the shine and luster from your precious countertops. Use a microfiber cloth or sponge to clean your countertops gently.

Use the Right Degreaser to Wipe Off Grease

If grease gets to your precious quartz countertops, it is best to wipe it off immediately. Remember to use the best degreasing agent to wipe off the grease. Spray your preferred degreaser on your countertops and use a microfiber cloth or sponge to wipe off the grease. Although you might be tempted to use bleach or disinfectant wipes, you should avoid them since they can leave marks and damage your quartz countertops.

Always Cutting Board on Site

Cutting vegetables and food on these precious materials can damage and leave scratch marks. As such, always use a cutting board to protect your countertops.

Protect Your Countertops from Hot Temperatures

You might be tempted to place hot pans, crock pots, and other hot items directly on your quartz countertops because quartz is one of the strongest and versatile materials. However, subjecting quartz to very high temperatures can cause the surface to discolor and damage the resin.

Besides, sudden temperature changes can cause thermal expansion, damaging your countertops. As such, always place hot items on trivets and cooking pads.

Final Thoughts

Having quartz countertops in your kitchen is the best thing to do as it offers more versatility, durability, and ease of maintenance. If you want to install quartz countertops, make sure to contact Edison Home Improvement


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