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Creating the Bathroom of Your Dreams Based on Your Lifestyle

To create a functional and beautiful bathroom, you must consider size, light, style, layout, and accessories. Today, we will focus on the accessories. So, keep reading to discover how to equip the ideal bathroom, depending on your needs and budget.

How to Equip the Perfect “Couple Goals” Bathroom

Whether you just tied the knot or looking for ways to spice up your relationship, creating a “couples’ goals” bathroom will improve your relationship. So, read on to discover cost-effective and unique ideas to help make the perfect bathroom for you and your significant other.

1.  Replace Your Old Bathtub With a Hot Tub

Replacing your old bathtub with a new hot tub with lighting control, massage jets, entertainment packages, and a cooling system will let you unwind and reconnect with your significant other after a long day. Also, you can decompress from work or fatigue after caring for your kids all day. A hot tub also offers other health benefits for couples, including managing back pain, arthritis, and muscle pain.

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2.  Install a Large Vanity

While you want to spend every minute with your significant other, it’s not always practical, especially when you need to get ready quickly. That’s why installing a bigger vanity with at least two separate sinks would be best. This way, you can get ready without elbowing each other. Reducing unnecessary disagreements will undoubtedly improve your relationship.

3.  Have a Walk-in Closet

Sharing a cramped closet can be a drag. With that in mind, adding a walk-in closet in your bathroom would be best if you have enough space. A walk-in closet lets you keep things organized and prevents quarrels.

4.  Create Enough Storage Area

The last thing you and your significant other want is to start the day negatively due to a disagreement. So, create separate storage areas to organize your personal effects. The goal is to make the bathroom convenient and spacious enough for everyone.

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How to Remodel a Bathroom for Seniors

Seniors face several bathroom-related challenges due to loss of mobility, medication side effects, or frailty. You can solve these challenges by equipping their bathrooms with various accessories.

1.  Replace the Standard Toilet With a Handicap Toilet

Installing a handicap toilet, also known as an Americans With Disabilities Act toilet (ADA), can make it easier for your seniors to get up and down. ADA-complaint toilets are 17-19 inches from the floor to the bowl rim. You can even add grab bars for extra support.

2.  Get a Shower Chair or Tub

A shower chair or tub can help reduce accidents by helping your loved ones maintain balance when taking a shower. When shopping for a shower chair, choose one that is waterproof and sturdy to ensure your seniors enjoy a safe shower.

Upgrade Your Outdated Bathroom Today

These are some of the best ways to transform your dull bathroom according to your needs. If you want to give your old and boring bathroom a spa-like feel, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced bathroom remodeling contractors today.

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