Post: 7 Ways to Create a Calm Atmosphere With Lighting

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7 Ways to Create a Calm Atmosphere With Lighting

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Everyone dreams of the perfect intimate interior design. You want to create an atmosphere that helps you unwind after a long day. No matter how well your home interior is designed, lighting can make or break the atmosphere in your home. The wrong lighting can ruin the ambiance in each room. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t know how to use lighting to create a better atmosphere. That is why our team at Edison Home Improvement has created this guide to show you how you can create a better ambiance with lighting.

Choose the Right Light Fixture for Each Room

While energizing light bulbs are ideal for one room, another rule might need subtle lighting. The light fixture installed in each room can complete or screw up the aesthetics. With that in mind, consider what you want to achieve in each room before installing light fixtures. This way, your home will be more welcoming and comfortable.

Create a Strong First Impression

Your home’s entryway is the first thing your visitors see when they visit you. You should strive to make it count with the right light fixtures. It is advisable to go with welcoming lighting to make your visitors feel at home. Moreover, avoid overwhelming designs to set the right mood. Above all, choose a light fixture proportional to your entryway’s size. The best lighting for your entryway includes large lanterns, chandeliers, or recessed lights.

Living room and dining with perfect lighting

Highlight Focal Points

The focal point is the star of each room in your home. It is the first thing your visitors see when they enter a room. You can take advantage of lighting to create focal points in each room. Whether it’s a statement piece of furniture or art or an architectural feature, using recessed lights can highlight each remarkable feature in your home.

Install a Dimmer Switch

Installing dimmer switches gives you complete control over your ambient lighting. With dimmer switches, you can change the brightness of ambient lighting depending on your needs or personal preferences. For instance, you can switch to a softly lit base light whenever you need to create a calm atmosphere.

Use Task Lighting

How often do shadows distract you while preparing dinner or cooking? This shows that you should use task lighting to enhance functionality in your home. As the name suggests, task lighting is used for specific tasks like reading, cooking, and more. With task lighting, you can complete particular tasks quickly by eliminating distracting shadows and removing strain on the eyes.

Install Low-Level Lighting

To create an intimate atmosphere in some rooms, installing low-level lighting is the way to go. You can achieve that by installing recessed lighting in the ceilings. Alternatively, scatter your light fixtures around the room.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Studies suggest that natural light tends to enhance mood and reduce depression. That’s why you should use natural light to improve the mood in your home.

Final Thoughts

Using suitable types of lighting will not only enhance functionality but will also improve the ambiance. Please contact us today to learn more.

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