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Where function meets design, Edison Home Improvement can upgrade your boring, outdated bathroom into a spa-like retreat with our top rated bathroom remodel services in San Diego CA. We renovate small powder rooms to large master bathrooms, creating a comfortable space for your guests and yourself. Whether you are preparing to sell or are making your house a home, Edison will design and deliver the best bathroom for your needs and within your budget.

A bathroom remodel have an excellent return on investment, especially in San Diego CA. You can see a high-value return on midgrade and upscale bathroom renovations. Our experienced home renovation design and construction team will guide you through the process and deliver a stunning bathroom remodel to be proud of. Edison knows what it takes to transform your drab bathroom into a luxurious sanctuary with beautiful amenities and top-quality features.

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Is Bathroom Remodeling Worth the Investment in San Diego?

San Diego CA has a prime real estate market for bathroom remodel and updates. Whether you are looking to remodel your forever home or flip an investment property, you can add value to the home by making smart remodeling decisions. It is well-known that kitchen remodeling increases the market value as well as a personal value to a home, but many make the mistake of putting bathroom renovations on the back burner. Bathrooms may be one of the smallest rooms in the house, but they can give you a big bang for your buck.

Bathroom Remodels & Flooring Project ROI

A bathroom remodel has an excellent Return On Investment (ROI), especially in San Diego CA. According to the Remodeling 2019 Cost vs. Value Report for San Diego, the ROI of bathroom remodeling is actually slightly higher than that of kitchen remodels. Both kitchen and bathroom remodeling have an impressive ROI of over 60%, with kitchen and bathroom remodeling ranging from 63-67%.

Midrange Vs Upscale Bathroom Remodels

A midrange bathroom remodel brings in a 67.1% ROI in the current San Diego market. An upscale bathroom remodel clocks in at 63.1%. What is surprising about these numbers is the difference between midrange vs upscale remodels ROI: it is only 4%. Typically, upscale remodels of any kind have a significantly smaller ROI than midrange upgrades with a 10-20% gap. With the relatively insignificant difference of 4%, San Diego bathroom remodelers do not have to compromise as much between personal value and market value.

Market Value vs Personal Value of Bathroom Remodels

Upscale kitchen and bathroom remodeling usually lean more towards personal value over market value. This means that upscale remodels are usually only good investments for homeowners who plan to enjoy the newly remodeled space for a long time. However, this is not the case with San Diego bathroom remodels.

Market Value of Bathroom Remodeling, Design & Vanity Update in San Diego

Usually, homeowners are warned to not “price it out of the market”. Real estate agents use this catch phrase to tell you to not go overboard on your projects because you will only get so much back when you sell the home. It is recommended to compromise on what you want versus what the real estate market wants. But with only a 4% difference in ROI, San Diego homeowners do not have to sacrifice personal value for the sake of market value when renovating bathrooms.

When making remodelling decisions, you must consider more than the market value of any upgrades. You must consider what makes your house feel like a home. Even if you are flipping the house, you have to keep in mind your project will be someone’s home. You need to choose bathroom designs and functionality that brings the most personal value. Don’t deny yourself the claw-footed tub you have always dreamed of for the sake of numbers on a spreadsheet. It is harder to quantify, but the personal value must factor into your bathroom remodel design. Contact us today for a free estimate for bath, tile, shower, counter, design, and remodelling. Simply read our testimonials to see what others recommend.

What is the Cost of Bathroom Remodels in San Diego?

As you may suspect, the cost of bathroom remodeling varies from project to project. More accurately, it varies from budget to budget. Whether it is repainting the tile, flooring, counter, walls, replacing the tub or shower, or stripping it down to the studs, and the design, you can gain value with any size budget. San Diego bathroom remodelling contractors can work with you to get the most out of every dollar. But you must be careful who you hire to make sure you get the job done right. A bad design contractor can cost you more time and money than you have.

How Do I Know if a Bath Remodeling Contractor is Good or Bad?

There are too many horror stories of contractors who have left homeowners worse off than they started. There are certain things you need to consider and red flags to watch out for when hiring a design contractor to renovate your bathroom. You do not want your bathroom remodel investment to turn into a money pit.


Licensed and Insured
First and foremost, you should only consider remodelling contractors who are licensed and insured. You can verify a bathroom contractor’s license to check information, including complaint disclosure. Your contractor should also carry both liability and worker’s compensation insurance.


Liability Insurance
Liability insurance protects you in the event the contractor causes damage to your home. For example, if your contractor’s work on your upstairs bathroom remodelling causes the bathtub to crash through the floor, his liability insurance will cover the damage.


Worker’s Compensation
Worker’s Compensation covers the contractor’s employees if any should be injured while on the job. You don’t want a simple bathroom remodel to turn into a high dollar medical claim.


Highly Rated Reviews
With Yelp, Google Reviews, Angie’s List, and more at your fingertips, you should see what past customers are saying about the contractors you are considering. You can save yourself a lot of money by learning from other people’s mistakes.


Cheaper is Not Better
A good rule of thumb is to throw away any project quote that is significantly less than the next in line. If you find yourself saying, “Wow, these guys are so much cheaper than the rest”, you can almost guarantee they either missed something or have unscrupulous methods. These low-ball bids will cost you more money in the long run.


Should I Remodel My Bathroom?
Bathroom remodels have great personal and market value. The return on investment is equivalent to that of a kitchen remodel but at a much lower cost. Depending on what you get done; the tile, counter, flooring, design, shower, you’ll definitely benefit. So, a bathroom remodel is a great choice for those who want to make a drastic change with more manageable costs. San Diego bathroom remodels and design upgrades also have the added perk of maintaining their ROI regardless of the level of upgrade. You can get the bathroom of your dreams while adding real value to your home.

Bathroom Remodel San Diego
Get in touch today for a free estimate for our services regarding bath, tile, shower, counter, design, and remodelling. Please read our testimonials to see what others recommend. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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San Diego's Bathroom Remodel Specialists!

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Arneta Smith
Arneta Smith
January 26, 2024
Great customer service & everyone was so kind.
Elizabeth Erkens
Elizabeth Erkens
January 25, 2024
A perfect finish with polite workers.
Elizabeth Guapyassu
Elizabeth Guapyassu
January 23, 2024
An efficient bathroom update with a great team.
Dorothy Lavelle Swank
Dorothy Lavelle Swank
January 23, 2024
Customized and cozy renovation.
Natasha A
Natasha A
January 23, 2024
We have never before collaborated with such great professionals like you!
Lena Derkrikorian
Lena Derkrikorian
December 31, 2023
We purchased a home about a year ago and quickly realized that it would be easier to remove the wallpaper/things we didn’t like and paint before we moved in. We found Edison Home Improvement and had an amazing experience. Avi (our project manager) was super communicative and friendly, coordinating a pretty intense workload in a short amount of time. We decided to continue working with them to update the bathrooms in the home and I could not be happier with the decision. Would highly recommend Avi & Edison Home Improvement for whatever you need done!
James Carter
James Carter
October 26, 2023
What wonderful customer service! I spoke with a gentleman about a kitchen remodel and he gave me lots of helpful advice without trying to pressure me. In a world were everything is so impersonal, I really felt like he cared about my project! Who knew there were so many options for kitchen cabinets! I realize that I have some homework to do but when I'm ready I'll definitely be going with Edison!


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